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Small High-Frequency Level Switch

• Compact design. Due to small size, it can be installed in limited space.
• “One-Touch” Smart learning function.
• Suitable for liquid, paste, small bulk and powder.
• Especially suitable for sticky liquid, to avoid false alarm.
• Probe material PEEK can be used directly in food and paramedical industry.
• Max. temperature: 115℃.
• Point-to-Point level measurement with high and low point detection. It can be mounted horizontally or vertically.
• Stainless steel housing. The protection rating IP68/IP69K.
• Longer length of probe is available.
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Product Brief


In order to provide more ideal solutions, EMA continues to bring new ideas of level detection technology for various applications. Compared to EMA’s LC series, there are 2 main features of NEW LB series small type high-frequency level switch:  

1.Small Size

To solve the problem that the users need to install the products in limited space and to use multiple sensors to use in narrow area.

2.”One-Touch” Smart learning function

Thanks to ema “One-Touch” learning function, the user can complete function setting and auto-learning by using the sensing part to gently touch the sensing point, which is simple and easy. It can detect thousands of various medium, even the mixture, ie: the road cleaning vehicle for collecting dry and wet garbage.

The LB series level switch is made of stainless steel, and the probe is made of hygienic material PEEK which is good for corrosion resistance, aging resistance and solubility resistance. It is ideal solution for sticky media, such as chocolate sauce, condensed milk or medicinal powder etc. The medium temperature of the standard type is between -40...120℃ and the protection rating is IP68. With sanitary adapters, the protection rating can reach to IP69K, which meets the hygienic standards of food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.


Thread: G1/2"A

Output: PNP/NPN

NO/NC setting: Yes

One-Touch learning function: Yes

Housing material: Stainless steel 316L

Probe material: PEEK

Operating voltage: 18…36VDC

Operating pressure: Max.40 bar                                 

Medium temperature: Standard type -40…115℃

Protection rating: IP68/IP69K

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