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Guided Radar Level Sensors (TDR technology)

  • It is suitable for measurement of all types of liquid
  • Adopts TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) technology
  • Continuous level measurement combined with switching output, for a simple installation and for cost-saving
  • Unique design is suitable for various industries, environments as well as for different shapes of tanks
  • The unit features anti-interference, antistatic properties and high stability
  • Channeled signal, suppression of disturbance
  • Supports HART protocol
  • Low dielectric constants (i.e. low reflectivity) such as oils and hydrocarbons can be measured
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Product Brief
ema RB series guided radar, which adopts TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) technology. It can continuously measure the level of liquids by adopting the principle of time difference caused by radar waves, so it can detect the surface of the medium. Our RB series is suitable for detecting any liquids, such as viscous fluids, oil or water. Usually, sensors can not accurately measure the upper and bottom area, but our RB series has almost no installation restrictions, especially for small-sized tanks and narrow nozzles. It is superior to other methods of level measurement because it can not only provide precise and continuous level measurement, but also has very reliable switching-output-detection combined in one device which benefits the user with cost-efficiency.

The application area for ema’s RB series has been widened and the mounting process has been simplified: First, the sensor is installed in the right upper area of tanks where it can be moved flexibly. Its manual adjustment device makes it unnecessary for customers to change the position while adjusting the level. There is also no need to drill another hole in the tank. Second, this series almost has no installation restriction; it can be mounted in small tanks or tall and narrow nozzles. Third, it can precisely measure targets even with difficult tank geometries or close to interfering structures. Length for a single rod probe up to 3000mm, for a coaxial probe it is up to 6000mm. Different lengths are available on request.
Thanks for its 4-wire design, it can be operate under different kinds of industrial applications and also for various shapes of tanks. This series is featured with antistatic properties, anti-interference and high stability after being extensively tested. Precise signal analysis and suppression of disturbing signals can be achieved due to its innovative design. The TDR level sensor can be linked with personal computers by adopting HART protocol. The unit include 2 outputs: 4-20mA or DC PNP. The protection classification reach to IP67. Medium temperature is between -40°C and 150°C. The pressure is between -1...40bar and tolerance do not exceed ±3mm.

RB series enriches customer’s requirements for level measurement systems and is providing solutions for more flexible and wider application fields as well as powerful functions for different kinds of applications. The typical application is suitable to industries such as water-treatment, electricity, chemicals, food and environment protection.

Thread Connection: G3/4”A / G1”A
Length of probe: standard 1000mm (length per request)
Accuracy: ±3mm
Signal output: 4~20mA/HART , DC PNP NO/NC 
Supply voltage: 12~30 VDC
Medium temperature: -40…+150°C
Ambient temperature:-25…+80°C
Pressure: -1~40bar
Protection classification: IP67
Housing material: aluminum/ABS+PC
Probe material: stainless steel S304

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