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CD type Capacitive Proximity Sensors

  • Long sensing range to 25mm
  • One-Touch” learning function
  • Remote setting function
  • Detection through the non-metallic tank/tube.
  • Enhance the resistance to noise interference
  • Whole sealed design
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  • CD type in Capacitive Proximity Sensor

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Product Brief
Thanks to innovation of technology in the field of capacitive proximity sensor, this new CD type enhances sensing range to 25mm and realizes the broader level detection. 

Featured with the detection through the non-metallic tank/tubes, it can be installed onto the pipe easily as well as make the use and the maintenance more convenient and simple.

Compared to photoelectric sensor, this type can complete the reset of object reset with regard to current environment through “One-Touch ”learning function under a long-time use or dirty environment such as dirt stuck inside of the tank or tube. This specification is able to avoid of the false operation possibility made by a photoelectric sensor, of dismounting and mounting of pipe, and of cost and time for clearing the pipe. Moreover, it is a flexible and effective solution presented to user.

The typical application of this type is in semiconductor industry, measurements of level of liquid, chemical engineering industry, water treatment industry, pipe systems, and etc.

* Detected object: Liquid, granules and powder
* Sensing range: 25mm adjustable
* Output: PNP / NPN
* Power protection: Overload, short-circuit, and reverse polarity.
* Protection classification: IP67
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