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ema PA5 Differential Pressure Sensors

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Smart  Compact Design  High-Precision

• Range[bar]:0.35 / 1 / 2 / 5 / 10
• Used for air and any liquid, including conductive or non-conductive liquid, ie: water and oil
• Dual output: analogue + switching
• The panel can display differential pressure range, providing on-site monitoring
• No pressure loss. The pipe is not easy to be blocked
• Not affected by change of fluid density, temperature and conductivity
• Small, compact structure, good appearance
• Flexible and simple installation. High reliability
• All stainless steel housing. Protection rating: IP68

      In certain environments, it may not be necessary to know the absolute pressure of a liquid or gas. However, it is only necessary to know the difference in pressure values between two points in the system being monitored. Under such conditions, differential pressure sensors can be used. The differential pressure sensors will provide you with comparative measurement values between two points. For example, it can be before and after the valve in the pipe. If the valve is fully open, the pressure on both sides should be the same. If there is a difference in pressure, it could be that the valve is not fully open or blocked. If there is a difference in pressure, it may also indicate a leakage in one side of the pipe. When significant differences occur, on-site engineer can inspect the pipes to ensure the process of production.

      ema Sensor’s 2 Ports With The Thread 
      There are two ports on the left H and right L at the bottom of the differential pressure sensor. The pipe can be connected to these two ports, and then connected to the system to be measured. The ports of ema differential pressure sensor are designed with thread connection, so it can be easily integrated into various standardized fitting, such as the flanges. Users can purchase standardized accessories on the market and integrate them into existing pipework.

      Smart + Small
      The common differential pressure transmitter on the market belongs to the category of instruments, with a large size and higher price. ema likes to design small sensors. Without changing the accuracy and the reliability, ema Differential Pressure Sensor is small and compact, easy to use, flexible to install, and high C/P value through high-tech process and technological applications.

      What ema can achieve is not only its small size, but also it has the advantages of programming, high-precision, two outputs, and the panel. The panel shows LEDs and 4-digit display, providing more convenient and real-time warning for on-site person on the level monitoring. It features with two outputs: analogue and switching.

      The housing adopts advanced metal technology. The weight is light and the product can be picked up with just one hand. The display is easy to select the setting through the buttons with user-friendly interface. Thanks to all stainless steel housing, the protection rating is up to IP68. Typical applications are such as environment, food and beverage, water treatment, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, solar energy, metallurgy and steel industries. 

Range [bar]: 0.35 / 1 / 2 / 5 / 10
Applications: liquid and air
Power connection: M12 connector
Supply voltage[VDC]: 18…36
Display: 4 digits
Material of contact medium: stainless steel 316L
Protection rating: IP68
Output: 0-10V, 4-20mA, PNP NO/NC, NPN NO/NC
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