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EMA Launches Stainless Steel mbar pressure Sensors

Date: 2018-02-01    Keys: EMA Electronics    Author: EMA Electronics    Views:


• Apply to small pressure fluctuation
• Programmable with advanced intelligent system
• 7 sections LEDs.The display can be reversed
• Enhanced anti-interference capability and EMC tests
• Features with short-circuit/reverse polarity/overload protection
• Adopts Seal Plus design. The protection rating up to IP68

It's deisgned for the application of small pressure fluctuation. EMA lastest mbar pressure sensors provide the low pressure range between -100...100/-100...250/-100...500 mbar. This pressure sensors benefited by high precision, small size, light weight, solid structure, corrosion-resistant, anti-vibration and temperature compensation through inner circuit. During standard production process of the new products, EMA is strict with parameters control in order to avoid the influence of temperature, humidity. It features with high frequency response, wide operating temperature etc, and guarantee the long-term stability where in an industrial environment. It's widely used in water conservancy, intelligent building, production automation, aerospace, military, petrochemical, shipbuilding, machinery and other industries.

EMA pressure sensors significantly enhance the shock-resistance capabilities, also ensure continuous overload pressure up to 50,000 times. The pressure probe comes with temperature compensation, temperature compensation of full range with high temperature stability and time stability. The circuit have been updated which enhance anti-interference capability and EMC rate.The product is compact and light weight. Four kinds of pressure units “mbar、Kg/cm2、 Mpa、 PSi” can be selected by menu setting. The housing adopt all stainless steel meterials. No dead ends on the surface so it is easy to clean up. Through our Seal Plus structure, the protection rating is up to IP68.

• Pressure range: −100…100/250/500 mbar
• PA smart type: dual output / PB transmitter: 4-20mA output
• Cover material: stainless steel 316L
• Housing material: stainless steel 304
• Probe material: Stainless steel 316L
• Connection: M12 connector
• Pressure element: high-precision ceramic diaphragm

Ordering no.:
Ordering No. Thread Thread type Display Range [mbar]  Wiring Supply Voltage [VDC] Output 1 Output 2 Programmable Rating
PA4101 G1/4 Internal 7 LED −100…100 4 18~36 PNP NO/NC, NPN NO/NC 0~10V, 4~20mA Y IP68
PA4102 G1/4 Internal 7 LED −100…250 4 18~36 PNP NO/NC, NPN NO/NC 0~10V, 4~20mA Y IP68
PA4103 G1/4 Internal 7 LED −100…500 4 18~36 PNP NO/NC, NPN NO/NC 0~10V, 4~20mA Y IP68
PB2120 G1/4 External No −100…100 2 18~36 4~20mA N IP68
PB2121 G1/4 External No −100…250 2 18~36 4~20mA N IP68
PB2122 G1/4 External No −100…500 2 18~36 4~20mA N IP68
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