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This is VRT. New smart type vibrating fork level switches.

Date: 2017-08-03    Keys: EMA Electronics    Author: EMA Electronics    Views:


•  Innovative learning function
•  Suitable for Liquid、Powder and Solid
•  It can be learn medium density via panel buttons
•  Thin-film panel design
•  Overcome the condition of the vibration absorption
•  Resistance of noise interference
•  Stable and reliable operation

EMA develops world's innovative learning function to this smart Vibrating Fork Level Switches. The breakthrough is not limit only for liquid or solid but both in one device. The users can set up by buttons of LEARN/SET, no matter liquid or solid because it can automatically measure the density of liquid or solid by our intelligent design, without any adjustment. It's much easier for the operation and it's simple for use. The customers do not need to buy different model thus it greatly reduce the customer's inventory and cost, also save time on purchase and maintenance.

This new smart fork level switch has three advantages, first: fork material is upgraded to stainless steel 316L which provide Corrosion resistance, light but Strength-to-weight advantage, heat resistance, wear resistance, Hygiene, Easy to clean, High accuracy. Second: By circuit upgrade, it can improve the stability of the system and to enhance the anti-interference ability and EMC level. Third: Reduced the length of fork to 100 mm, and the overall length is shorter. Therefore, it can be used in narrow tanks. In summary, this new product is widely used in feed machinery, coal ash, pharmaceutical industry, automation control, especially in monitoring the upper and lower level of tank and more. 
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