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Introducing ema Full Stainless Steel PB/PC Pressure Transmitter to market

Date: 2016-04-07    Keys: EMA Electronics    Author: EMA Electronics    Views:


• Adopts stainless steel 
• Adopts close-fitting sealing structure. Protection classification up to IP68/IP69K
• Upgrade product performance and anti-interference ability via circuit design.
• Small size
• High temperature resistance, anti-corrosion, high accuracy 

In order to be satisfied with harsh environment in industrial field and high requirements of usage condition, ema launch its full stainless steel PB/PC pressure transmitter to market, greatly improved the permanent stability in the industrial environment. 

This stainless steel pressure transmitter have four unique features: 
1. The housing of these products adopt full stainless steel material. The advantages are that the products never rust, lightweight with higher strength, high temperature resistance, anti-corrosion, corrosion resistance, easy-to-clean, high precision, etc. 
2. Enhanced the anti-interference ability and EMC level through the upgrade and improvement of circuit design. 
3. Small size. 
4. The five core socket adopts one-piece type so that the waterproof is better. With special structure design of its Internal circuit, shock resistance and insulation is better. The probe adopts wide sealing gasket so that the waterproof is better. Thanks to its small size, this product can be installed on the equipment and tube with limited room. 

In conclusion, these products can be extensively used for machinery, electricity, metallurgy, pharmacy, food, aviation, ships and all other industrial conditions. 

ema PB/PC stainless steel type pressure transmitter have wide range of power input, not only can reduce the inventory effectively, but also have wide applications; simple structure and adjustment-free, easy to install and use; low consumption, low temperature drift, high precision and high stability; solid structure with high shock resistance, vibration resistance and overload resistance; unique digital calibration way to make higher accurate measurement; It's flexible to set up the alarm point as the user need. The water proof classification of this newly upgraded smart pressure transmitter is up to IP68. The area applications are wide and the sensor is durable and reliable. Even used under the harsh industrial environment, it also can provide high stability. 

 • Dimension: Φ26mm×66.7mm (external thread G1/4),
             Φ26mm×71.2mm (internal thread G1/4)
• Housing material: Stainless steel SUS304
• Probe material: Stainless steel SUS316L
• Connection: M12 socket
• Output: 4-20mA,0~10V (PB series), PNP NO/NC,NPN NO/NC (PC series)
• Power protection: Overload, short-circuit, reversed polarity
• Pressure components: High accuracy ceramics
 • Certification: CE、RoHS 

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