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Date: 2015-07-20    Keys: EMA Electronics    Author: EMA Electronics    Views:
EMA was founded in 1979, more than 30 years’ pursuit of professional skills explained countless success, also make ema to be the best in the field of sensors. The latest EMA broadcast video is representative by Mark Twain, Steve jobs, Albert Einstein, Picasso and Walt Disney to be the spokespersons, it delivers the concept of “Create new thinking. Innovation is the most important.” It includes every level such as R&D, sales, production, and so on. Only with the imagination, thinking, and self break-though could make real innovation. The enterprise can make progress, then reach the goal of sustainable management.

This video is fully showed ema brand image and the concept of innovation and breakthrough. The time of video is 1 minutes 33 seconds. Welcome to visit ema SINA blog (Weibo) or click http://i.youku.com/emachina to watch the video.

ema video

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