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EMA releases 50/70mm high-luminance Light Tower Module with white housing

Date: 2017-03-16    Keys:    Author: SystemMaster    Views: 1442

Usually, multi-layers light towers are distinguished by the colorful housings. ema new light towers adopt high-transparent white housing , matching with high-luminance LED lamps (red, yellow, green, blue, white ). Made-of high-quality materials, this innovative design of white housing not only provide stunning visual effects, but also obtain many other advantages such as no deformation, no abrasion, high transmittance and strong impact resistance. 

By using high-luminance LEDs, ema multi-layer light towers can ensure extra brightness, extend life-time , reduce energy consumption, and save maintenance time and costs. Each light module contains 18 pcs (70mm) and 12 pcs (50mm) LED lamps , providing unparalleled brightness . Meanwhile, this new design also supports a flexible and wide voltage input, 12 ~ 24VDC or 85 ~ 275VAC to meet various power supply requirements all over the world. 
• Long lifetime and extra brightness LEDs 
• 360° view , excellent visibility with no block and no shadow 
• Patent design for advancing brightness and easy installation 
• Modular design for installation without tools 
• Materials : Layer-PC , lamsshade-ABS, stand-AI
• Oil erosion resistance 
• Protection rating : IP54 IP65 
• Meet  CE , RoHS directive 

Ordering Information
Series Diameter Layer Color LED Lamps Color Power Supply Type of light Protection
05 50=50mm W=White R=Red DW=12-24VDC  L  H=IP65
70=70mm Y=Yellow AW=85-275VAC  F Omission =IP54
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