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Innovative 07 series smart type vibrating fork level switches

Date: 2017-03-15    Keys:    Author: SystemMaster    Views: 1533

VR1000/2000/3000 Panel Indication



Innovative teach-in function

Through the membrane pushbuttons to learn various density of the media

Membrane technology on panel

Overcome the condition of the vibration absorption

Resistance of noise interference

Stable and reliable operation

VR1000/2000/3000 feature with adjustable sensitivity


ema employs new state-of-the-art technology in the field to present an innovative product – 07 series Smart Type Vibrating Fork Level Switches. The latest technology is expected to come to the new age of the application for the level measurement. All 07 series upgrade to teach-in function by the pushbuttons. Through the design of Membrane technology, extra bright LEDs are installed inside of the panel. The user can easily press the LEARN/SET pushbuttons to learn the density of the detected media and it is perfect for the applications in the area of solid and liquid.


Factory setting is based on the density of water (1g/cm3). When the density of detected object is higher than or equal to1g/cm3, it can be used normally without setting learning mode. Otherwise it needs to set up learning function when the density of detected object is lower than 1g/cm3.

The learning function of this type is not only to overcome the condition of the possible vibration absorption after the installation on the wall of tank, but also to avoid of false operation caused by noise interference. This product features with no calibration necessary, simple installation, and user-friendly operation. The new design of VR series can save your stock and the cost which creates the contribution with high extra value and quality application through the core technology.

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