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01/02 Series Release - 45mm/60mm label for E-stop switch

Date: 2017-03-15    Keys:    Author: SystemMaster    Views: 1243

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01Z-900.0 No marking - 01 series 45mm Diameter

01Z-900.1 =  Emergency  - 01 series 45mm Diameter



02Z-900.0 No marking - 02 series 45mm Diameter

02Z-900.1 Emergency  - 02 series 45mm Diameter

02Z-901.0 No marking - 02 series 60mm Diameter

02Z-901.1 Emergency  - 02 series 60mm Diameter

In order to provide more options of 01/02 accessories for customers, ema release a practical and attractive label for Emergency-stop switch. The content of “Emergency Stop” or No marking locates on top of switch. The label is mounted with 3M paster behind. There is 45mm Diameter for 16mm switch45mm and 60mm diameter for 22/30mm switch.

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