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Innovative "One-Touch" CD Type Capacitive Proximity Sensors

Date: 2017-03-15    Keys:    Author: SystemMaster    Views: 1367
The new CD type capacitive proximity sensors come to market. Thanks for ema high-technology, it features with “One-Touch” function: Unlike the traditional way to adjust by a switch, the users only need to touch the spot, it will automatically complete with the setting. Through the flat rectangular housing, it can save the space and install the product easily. This type increase noise immunity. Due to its whole-sealed design, this product provides reliable operation and guarantees the long-term stability even in worse applications. It is widely used in detecting the level of liquid. No need to open a hole on pipe, CD type sensors can be easily tied to the pipe.

· Order No.: CD0001 (PNP)CD0002 (NPN)

· Sensible object: Liquid, Granules

· Sensing range: 15mm adjustable

· Output: PNPNPN  

· Power protection: overload, short-circuit, Reverse polarity

· Protection classification: IP67

· Certification: CERoHS

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