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EMA launches 01 series 16m/m Emergency-Stop Switch

Date: 2017-03-15    Keys:    Author: SystemMaster    Views: 1091

Created to EMA's renowned high standards, this new design has been highly expected and it has acquired positive comment from customers. Two types are available: LED illumination, or non-illumination. These emergency stop switches are suited for industrial and commercial products, such as robots, production lines, moving platforms, cranes, moving platforms, as well as security systems and emergency exits.

With protection rating IP40 and IP65, Series 01 16m/m emergency-stop switch features precise and reliable function. Actuator head that provides visible illumination from middle view that indicates actuated position. You can choose LED or discharged lamps. Rated for 50,000 operations, unit accepts supply voltages of DC/AC.


 Mounting hole diameter 16m/m

 LED illumination / non-illumination

 Protection Rating: IP40 /IP65

 Lamp: LED or discharged

 Elegant and sophisticated design, add the value and enthetic feeling into applications

 Professional selection of engineering materials, overcome the harshest of environment

 Approved by safety standards ULULcCCCCE and RoHs

 Snap-action which accelerates on-off switching·

 UL94V0 class plastics to make self-extinguished

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