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BEST BUY! Ema releases amazing music buzzer for light tower

Date: 2017-03-15    Keys:    Author: SystemMaster    Views: 1259

Does industrial product by means of “Senseless”? Perhaps you already get tired of “Beep” tone of ordinary buzzer. Now you can enjoy by ema music buzzer as a group for light tower. 
You can input any voice into ema music buzzer as you wish! No matter it is human voice, pop music, tone , melody, natural sound or even symphony. What is more, with ema software you can DIY this audible device easily. Music buzzer could be used for much more condition for example the warning in different condition/area/equipments. Furthermore, the user can choose any melody or voice as an alarm to play under any failure circumstance. Each light tower module has sound and muffler features. You can flexibly adjust the position and create various combinations of light module and alarm. No other buzzer makes DIY the songs this much fun.

Incredible audible device – the volume of 70mm ema Music Buzzer is up to 100dB/M. A variety of music can make the alarm highly recognizable compared to the general tone which commonly use in most industrial environment. In brief, ema Music Buzzer provide the user the quick response for the failure when there is a personally music coming out in the air. What is more, it is easy and flexible to be assembled in any layer of light tower, either in the top or button or in the middle of light tower. The volume of the buzzer sound can be adjusted through the DIP switches. The product is flexible and feature with wide range of 10 ~ 30VDC voltage which is perfectly save your inventory. That is no need to worry about different voltage if you have ema Musical Buzzer. The function about the ema Music buzzer is a great hit. 

Diameter: 70mm
Color: Black, White
Input voltage(DC):10~30V
Output current(mA):<500
Operating Temperature (°C):0~80
Housing Material: ABS
Sound Section: 5
Display time(s):<1000
Sound formats: WAV
Protection classification: IP54
Accessory: Special downloader (Order no. UP0006), connecting with computer and software.

 Series  Size  Musical Buzzer  Power Supply  Storage  Body color
 05  70mm  M = Music  DW=10~30VDC  A=5 section  K=Black
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