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The Imam summer tour Dalian grand exhibition

Date: 2017-03-11    Keys:    Author: SystemMaster    Views: 1416
The Imam summer tour Dalian grand exhibition

Dalian International Automation Instrument Exhibition opening thirteenth, five series of exhibition box with skilled toptek electronics to create in May 19th in the most exotic Dalian harbor lively debut, the huge crowds of people were not at heat shock, nie.
The display box covers five series, the material level sensor, the displacement sensor, the fluid sensor, the AS-I bus system and the control switch. The exhibition in Dalian, the most attention to the tower lights, green, yellow, red light, bright lighting and warning features to attract a lot of people and dealers probe asked. As industry experts in the field, in addition to the Imam provide solutions and high efficiency for enterprise customers improve productivity, can increase the added value of products.

Since the Imam industrial automation magical journey into three months, get the recognition and support of many enterprise users, also reaffirmed the Imam brand to create value, welcome to the scene to experience the charm of the product we called, your presence at the next station for Nanchang exhibition.

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