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Some 2010 Shanghai Expo (IAS) new automation concept ready

Date: 2017-03-11    Keys:    Author: SystemMaster    Views: 1197
Some 2010 Shanghai Expo (IAS) new automation concept ready

     In November, with the new Shanghai industrial automation Expo (2010 Industrial Automation Show) the opening of the new Imam booth will also be a grand debut, presenting a new concept of industrial automation for the audience.
November 9th -11 month 13 days five days of the Expo always let the audience see enough place, this is your Imam in "E2 A011" this old place. This exhibition is not only called cutting-edge research and development of cutting-edge products launched, bring a new concept of more automation for you to provide more possibilities to solve the problem of your industry. In order to let you enjoy the fluid automation process at will, for the actual work status of your ima demo sensor in the industrial manufacturing, while the micro model test and stability of foundation detection sensor, system connecting your experience how industrial production "Imam sensor" (Linking your system), the industrial aesthetic elements booth with the wind power generation and industrial manufacturing, as the theme of the show, he is committed to become all partners of industrial doctor solutions.
     Visit the Imam exhibition, to show you the real industrial automation. More exciting projects will be displayed at the exhibition site, please look forward to!

Exhibition time:2010.11.09~2010.11.13
Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center
(Longyang Road, Shanghai, No. 2345,)
Booth Number:E2 A011

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