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2009 International Workshop on modern plant / process automation technology and equipment FA/PA (5/13-16)

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The Imam FA/PA sensor area bring new products debut exhibition


Chinese sponsored by the Association for mechatronics technology "international modern technology & Equipment Exhibition (FA / PA exhibition)", will be held May 13, 2009 - 16 day held in Beijing International Exhibition Center Chinese 8A, 8B Museum; in order to promote the development of sensor technology in automation and application in the field of strengthening horizontal contact with the industry, 09 years FA/PA Exhibition Area Joint Committee launched sensor booth, 8A Museum specializing in sensor product display area, the exhibition with the Specialized Committee to set up FA/PA sensor sensor area, hope for showcasing the products, especially for exhibitors to build a good platform for communication between peers, also can change the visitors fly, to better understand the visit, sensor products and technology.


As a member of the Imam sensor Specialized Committee, was invited to the exhibition to display the FA/PA, tailored to FA/PA panels, carrying the latest products, the theme of a series of two blocks: fluid sensor and material level switch series. Fluid series sensor includes flow sensor, temperature sensor, split temperature sensor, flow temperature sensor, pressure sensor and AS-i bus system. Level switch covers high temperature up to 450 degrees the rotary paddle level switch, the world's first intelligent tuning fork, intelligent CD series intelligent type displacement sensor, photoelectric sensor and intelligent capacitive proximity switch. Rich product line is widely used in various industries. Welcome to visit!


Exhibition Name
The Thirteenth International Workshop on modern factory / process automation technology and equipment [2009 FA/PA]


May 2009 13- 16


8A25-44 (8A)



Beijing China International Exhibition Center (No. 6 North Third Ring Road East, Beijing, Chaoyang District)


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