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Taipei International Autumn Fair (10/7-11) 2008

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Taipei International Autumn Electronics Fair 2008


Once a year the Taipei Electronics Fair event, this year the Imam certainly not to be missed, along with the rapid development of the company, due to the market and customer demand, the annual exhibition booth continues to expand the scale of 6 independent Island stalls so you can easily find us. This year will be used in the dynamic Yima exhibition to show the full range of products, with the specific guidance of field personnel and explain, so you can use hand to personally experience the product performance called.


Exhibition date: 97 October 7th (Tuesday) to 11 (Saturday)


Venue: Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall (two South Road Trade District of Taipei City, No. 1)


Booth: I1016 electronic component area

The exhibition features:

The exhibition "Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall" is currently Asia's most perfect new venues, with the upper and lower hall, may be planning 2465 standard booths. Not only the display area of two times as large as Taipei world trade exhibition hall, 8 meeting rooms (the elastic compartment for 13), 3 restaurants and 9 shops facing the road, will provide users more humane and convenience services. The future is expected to add multi language online exhibition pointer and navigation system, the wireless Internet, the upper hall LED large screen and ejection type flexible seat design and other world-class facilities. The traffic is convenient, can use the bus, MRT system collocation c.f.t. free shuttle bus. For more information about the Nangang Exhibition Hall, please refer to the official website:http://www.twtcnangang.com.tw)。

Display products:

16mm, 22mm, 25mm and 30mm indicators and control switches, including the indicator light, buzzer, button switch, illuminated button switch, key switch, select switch, emergency switch and other products. Other industries include multi switch type warning lights, float type liquid level switch, rotary paddle level meter, fork level gauge, regional security screen, widely praised by the market. Industrial automation products including inductance capacitance sensor, photoelectric sensor, flow sensor, temperature sensor, pressure sensor, speed monitor and the AS-i bus system can be widely used in various industrial fields.

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