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2008 Tainan Automation Machinery Exhibition (4/17-21)

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Tainan Automation Machinery Exhibition 2008


Venue: Tainan World Trade Center (Rende township of Tainan County Road 10 Lane 16, Renyi Village)


Organizer: Business Times


Exhibitors difference: FA automation control area (B)


Booth: A1002-A1004.A1102-A1104


Show the characteristic: with South Taiwan for mechanical heating demand, coupled with the South Park and the south area of the establishment, to attract more high-tech and high value-added industry presence, also prompted toptek Electronics Exhibition and expand the booth size, in order to be able to close and manufacturers to meet the full range of the sensor exhibited Imam in Tainan Exhibition (Sensor) and industrial control switch (Switches) and other products, including new flowing and temperature sensor iF Design Germany industrial design awards, so a complete product line to meet the needs of manufacturers in safety and automation, our full range of products to meet a variety of industrial application environment.




            Tainan World Trade Center exhibition is the largest exhibition center in southern Taiwan, located in the southern regional planning center,

From the Zhongshan Expressway Rende interchange is only 2 kilometers, south two high Kuanmiao interchange only 5 kilometers north of the cloud

Jia, South high screen, very convenient; and Tainan Airport is only 7 km away from Taipei Songshan Airport and high

The male and is also very fast Kaohsiung airport. The opening of the high Tiesha Lun station, also located nearby, drive about

10 minutes。


Railway station  Tainan World Trade Center Exhibition: to take bus to the Zhongshan Railway Station passenger Hungnam, Kuanmiao Gueiren of,

Or take a taxi to.


Airport  Tainan World Trade Center Exhibition: Taxi ride.


Expressway Tainan World Trade Exhibition center:

 a.Zhongshan: Rende interchange, to Gueiren, Kuanmiao direction, about 2 km,

The exhibition hall is located on the left.

 b.South two high: Guan Temple Road, under the direction of benevolence, about 5 kilometers, the exhibition hall

Located on the right.

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