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ema presents 22mm foolproof E-Stop Switches with high standard of safety

Date: 2017-08-15    Keys:    Author: SystemMaster    Views: 3950

For the safety of production procedure, a protection measure has to be adopted for the medium & large machine or electric equipment with transmission parts, which may harm human body under a direct or indirect situation, at various factories. Because of that, E-Stop switch is an indispensable device. Power supply is cut off as soon as E-Stop switch is actuated, then the equipment is stopped, both operator and equipment are secure. 

Many E-Stop switches in the market do not really achieve machine safety standards. In order to meet with the requirements of safety worldwide, ema develops foolproof E-Stop switches of new sheathed type, it complies with EN60947-5-5 of European Norm. E-Stop switches are available with 4 types: standard type, illuminated type, push-pull type and key type. They are compatible with ema existing switching elements and accessories. No tool is required for assembly. 

Standard type is twist to reset, non-illumination. Illuminated type is twist to reset, illumination. Push-pull type is pull to reset. Key type is key to reset, and only authorized person can have the key. E-Stop switches are suitable for equipment of all models to control emergency situations. They are commonly used on machine, instrument, elevator or control cabinet and more industries. 

Our E-Stop switches are in eye-catching red. You may choose any combination of switching element as per your need. It is convenient for customers to control stock and purchase spare parts. Protection rating IP40 or IP65 are at your choice.

According to a study of scientific research, half of fatal industrial accident is caused by the behavior of an operator. An operator and an user are bothered by a complex technology 24 hours a day during their 
working and break time. They can not react to the malfunction of machine immediately. In order to protect an operator, it is a must to mount foolproof E-Stop switches on machine and reinforce production safety.

•  Dimensions: 22/25mm
•  Protection rating: IP40 and IP65
•  Thanks to modular design, no tool is required for assembly.
•  Aesthetic design of high quality
•  Compact & delicate
•  Made of engineering materials
•  3 functions for option: twist to reset, pull to reset and key to reset
•  Accord with European Norm EN60947-5-5

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